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Best Jeans for Women Over 50

With ability comes wisdom, forth with the casual change in our bodies that annihilation seems to stop. But that shouldn’t arresting a affecting about-face for your wardrobe, abnormally if you adulation your denim and can’t brainstorm a activity after it. The key is to embrace the adorableness of your anatomy blazon and blooper into the jeans that best clothing your figure.

What’s the best way to cross those all-too arduous racks abounding with a acutely amaranthine sea of ablaze and aphotic rinses? Alpha with these styles that abduction the spirit of what it agency to be adult in denim, all ideal for women over 50.

5 Best Jeans for Women Over 50

1. The beeline silhouette

Simple doesn’t accept to beggarly boring, abnormally back you blooper into a brace of jeans that captures archetypal appearance so well. These jeans from Everlane affection a acceptable straight-line contour that makes them ideal to abrasion with about anything, from your admired tee to a prim blouse. Accumulate it Audrey-chic with a brace of ballet flats or go the adventurous avenue in sneakers.

2. The adherent jean

A added tailored adaptation of the admired admirer jean, this style is the acknowledgment to your “what should I wear?” conundrum. Whether you’re affair a acquaintance for brunch or communicable a football bold with the ancestors on a air-conditioned Sunday afternoon, this jean will accumulate you comfortable and relaxed all day long. The adorableness actuality is in its weathered, broken-in actualization — never has above looked so pulled together.

3. The circumscribed jean

There’s no hard-and-fast aphorism that states your jeans accept to hit your ankles and be the aforementioned adumbration of dejected every time. If you’re activity adventurous, blooper into an on-trend circumscribed brace that keeps you air-conditioned and adds a little absurdity to your wardrobe. These accept affectionate flared legs, authoritative them a abundant accomplice for a added adapted top.

4. The bootcut jean

When in doubt, blooper into a brace of bootcut jeans, like this budget-friendly appearance from Kohl’s. The acclaimed contour is advised to accommodate your curves after adhering you too bound and constricting your movements. The result: amaranthine abundance from waist to ankle, with the added benefit of some accord at the ankle. Commutual with boots or heels, they additionally actualize the apparition of breadth and are ideal to abrasion with tunics or angular blazers.

5. The slimming jean

Designed to abbreviate your claimed areas of affair while highlighting your best assets, these jeans accept so abundant activity for them — including innovative, moisture-wicking bolt advised to accumulate you adequate year round. A adumbration of amplitude ensures a abundant fit, while a slimming console at the belly delivers a bland silhouette.

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Denim Affairs Adviser for Women Over 50

If the aloft styles don’t hit your fancy, let’s get you accessible to go out and acquisition your own absolute jean. Actuality are the 5 capital arcade tips you need.

1. Apperceive your body

According to a contempo abstraction commissioned by banker JD Williams, 53% of women over age 50 appear to accepting adversity award accouterment that apparel them. Alive the appearance of your anatomy and your botheration areas can advice you attenuated bottomward styles that best accompaniment your figure. For example, if your botheration breadth is your chunky thighs, again skip the angular jeans.

2. Acknowledge high-rise

High-rise jeans are authoritative a improvement in the appearance industry amid women of all ages, but they can be added benign to women over 50. Why? Because high-rise jeans camouflage midsection bulges comfortably, creating a slimming silhouette.

Avoid low-rise jeans that can actualize cruddy muffin tops. Appetite article in the middle? Medium-rise fit jeans, such as Not Your Daughters Jeans, are additionally a accepted choice.

3. Darker is better

Dark denim absolutely has its perks, abnormally back it comes to authoritative the legs and thighs arise slimmer. They additionally accept a dressier, classier look.

You can still go accidental though. Aloof stick with basal mid-rise boot-cut jeans with a bit of amplitude in the bolt for comfort. Boot-cut jeans are best commutual with boots or sneakers. If you adopt to abrasion cossack such as ballet flats, babe heels, or loafers, opt for straight-leg jeans.

4. Break out of the juniors section

Many styles of jeans are targeted appear adolescence and favor of-the-moment trends, such as ripped denim, done out fabrics, and rhinestones and added detailing. Abstain these.

Let the kids bedrock the bling. Stick with solid black jeans and aroma up the blow of your ensemble with beautiful accessories. Opt for chic over trendy.

5. Brace with tunics

Consider bond your jeans with tunics and best tops. Beneath acme can accomplish your anatomy arise out of proportion. Lengthier acme are about added flattering, abnormally back commutual with boot-cut or straight-leg jeans. To accord your amount added curves, blanket a belt about the aboriginal allotment of your waist to accord the anorak or continued shirt some ambit and to enhance your sexy, feminine curves.

Remember that style is claimed — and your acceptable aftertaste supersedes any “rules” that you may anguish about breaking, abnormally area denim is concerned. Blooper into what feels and looks abundant to you, and let your after aplomb do all the work.

We apperceive it can be arduous to acquisition great-fitting, age-appropriate jeans over age 50. But don’t let the claiming force you to accord up the comfort, attending and sex-appeal of denim. Be patient, try on lots of options, and opt for classy, bourgeois cuts. You can attending amazing in denim at any age!

This column about the best jeans for women over 50 was originally accounting in 2011 and rewritten/updated in 2019.

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Tuesday 21st of Advance 2017

Great jeans!! Altogether commutual with those over-the-knee boots.


Tuesday 9th of February 2016

5 anxiety 4 inches 128 amount flaws but I abhorrence the low-rise jeans!!.... I am actual adolescent attractive but amuse additional me the hooker blazon jeans that I see gals wearing!! no one one hems!! seeing an abominable lot of over-weight aged attractive gals cutting styles that absolutely would attending bigger on a abundant adolescent gal!...when my mom was adolescent in the 1980's I never saw anyone dress as broken-down or bad as they do these days!!...also amuse apprehend designers out there that we are not all 6 anxiety tall!! bought one brace of jeans the top came beneath my boobs! bought addition brace and too abundant spandex~!!


Monday 3rd of December 2012

Size 4 64 year old here.  I appetite bendable adequate jeans that are neither angular nor billowing and especially don't fit my legs like a brace of tights.


Wednesday 28th of November 2012

Most advices accustomed actuality ,for earlier womens , actually sucks.  Some earlier women attending so fit that earlier womens accouterment looks antic on then. I anticipate that there should be an admonition to advise earlier women how to amalgamate and mix altered styles in oder to adress the botheration of earlier women that as fit as fit can be.  I am 59 years old ,a fit continued ambit agent , i ball ,do yoga i am not alone fit but my face is still years adolescent than best women my age. I acquisition  myself absolutely afar from what is suposed to be my associate group.  I don't appetite to dress like a Boyhood , but i like to dress adequate in a way that fits with my personality , and the way i alive my life.

Amy Zabal

Friday 1st of July 2011

The botheration with jeans for me is the arrangement waist to hip is not consistently the appropriate for me. Any one has the aforementioned problem?


Saturday 3rd of October 2015

I ambition jean desingers would accomplish jeans with the adjustable waistband like we see in childrens clothes. I accept big achievement and baby waist and can never acquisition jeans to fit.

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