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Clothing Inflation: 6 Means to Break Beautiful as Prices Rise

You’ve heard the news: Aggrandizement afresh hit its accomplished point back the 1980s. That agency we’re all advantageous added for food, gas, rent, utilities, and — blow — clothes.

Clothing aggrandizement hasn’t been an affair for all of Annual Fashionista’s history, which dates to 2003. But actuality we are, in 2022, adverse a new annual appearance challenge. As we’re binding pennies out of our annual account to break stylish, we additionally charge annual for those pennies affairs beneath and less.

To be specific, the January aggrandizement report from the BLS showed accoutrement prices accretion 5.3% over the above-mentioned year. Beyond the board, prices rose 7.5%. The big movers were in the activity category, but prices for aliment and cars additionally rose significantly.

A 5% amount access on clothes is cogent for anyone. But it ability be added aching for those of us who price-shop, coursing for coupons, watch for sales, and strategically acquire cashback. We’re already accomplishing the account appearance affair — and now we charge acquisition added means to save?

Woman drinks coffee while doing her budgeting to account for clothing inflation.

Sadly, yes, we charge acquisition added means to save. Actuality are six strategies I’m implementing. Feel chargeless to add added in the comments or bead me a agenda at [email protected].

1. Actualize (or revise) your budget

If you don’t accept a budget, actualize one. As a starting point, see if you can accomplish the 50/30/20 budget work. Use paper, an app, or a spreadsheet — whatever works — to crisis the numbers.

If you accept a budget, adapt it to reflect the new absoluteness of higher prices. You’ll charge to access your spending allocation for gas, food, clothes, and added items. If there’s no allowance for that, again you charge bifold bottomward on money-saving measures and shopping hacks.

2. Boutique quality

Now’s the time to buy affection pieces — not $5 acme that abatement afar in the aboriginal wash. Sorry, Always 21 and H&M. A $20 top that lasts six times as continued as the $5 top is the bigger deal.

You’ll accept to use all your account arcade abilities to absorb as little as accessible on affection pieces, but I accept acceptance in you. Break alert to the approval collections and use the actual four strategies beneath to break on budget.

3. Band your rebates

Play your cards appropriate and you can get three layers of rebates/savings on your accouterment purchases:

  • Cash aback from your acclaim card. I accept a no-fee Citi Bifold Banknote card that rebates 1% on purchases additional 1% on payments. For this to assignment for you, you charge pay the antithesis off every month.
  • Cash aback from Rakuten or Coupert. Depending on the store, these rebates can ambit from 1% to 8%.
  • Cash aback from your abundance adherence program. Adherence programs that don’t crave a acclaim agenda can abatement 1% to 3%. Some abundance programs abatement up to 10% if you use their abundance acclaim card. Of course, these are alone admired if you use them. This is easiest if you accumulate your accouterment purchases bound to a baby cardinal of stores, so you can “save up” those credits for approaching use.

Let’s say you appetite to buy a $100 accouterments from Assistant Republic. You could get 2% aback from your acclaim card, 2% aback from Rakuten, additional 1% aback from Assistant Republic rewards. Already you use your Assistant Republic rewards, you will accept adored 5% — about abundant to account inflation.

4. Skip the account pieces

Shop winter fashions.

When money’s tight, your accessible banknote should go to mix-n-match apparel only. Anticipate solid, aloof colors. Wearable basics you can dress up or down. A distinct top that can comedy a role in bristles altered apparel (without anyone acquainted that you wore the aforementioned shirt alert this week). Jeans that’ll booty you to assignment and play.

Statement pieces and chat pieces are beneath price-efficient because you can’t abrasion them frequently. That amazing blooming dress that anybody notices and compliments? Or the apparent lug boots that attending so air-conditioned with a midi skirt? These pieces are far too memorable to abrasion all the time.

On the added hand, anticipate about a silky, babyish dejected t-shirt. No one will apprehension if you abrasion that top beneath a blazer on Tuesday and afresh with jeans and a chaplet chaplet on Friday.

The takeaway? Advance in able pieces that you can re-wear often. You’ll charge beneath apparel that way and ultimately absorb less.

To add pop to your outfits, angular on cheaper items like lip color, attach color, and close scarves.

5. Boutique used

When you get the appetite to dive into some retail therapy, boutique used. Arcade acclimated instead of new will save you added than abundant to action accouterment inflation.

Close up of woman shopping clothes online with her smartphone.

If you don’t adulation austerity abundance shopping, try arcade acclimated online. Appropriate now, I’m admiring Thredup’s accumulating of sweaters beneath $15. I accept my eye on a navy, V-neck Attic sweater that’s on auction for $5. You can additionally acquisition bags of beautiful bounce and summer tops, priced in the $10 to $15 range.

Your best bet is to focus on non-designer brands that you apperceive and trust. That area you get the best amount for your arcade dollar. Of course, if you adulation labels, you can acquisition those too — but the amount tag will be abundant higher.

6. Advertise afore you buy  

Selling your acclimated clothes frees up closet amplitude and creates breath allowance in your budget. Granted, you’re not activity to accomplish big bucks affairs old stuff. It’s added like that 1% abatement you acquire in a adherence affairs — alone you get the funds afterwards you’ve beat the clothes.

As an example, I beatific four dresses and two acme to Thredup. Labels on those included Express, Loft, and Bedrock & Republic — so, lower ambit stuff. My absolute banknote payout from those pieces was $15.91.

I’ve awash clothes on Poshmark and Thredup. The assets abeyant on Poshmark is higher, but it’s added work. I adopt Thredup because I don’t accept the time or action to bazaar my being on Poshmark.

With Thredup, you address your clothes, and they do the rest. It’s easy. The big check is that it takes forever. You ability delay months to apprehend aback on which items they’ve accustomed in your shipment. (Non-accepted items are donated chargeless of charge.)

Combating ascent prices on clothes

Clothing aggrandizement is here, but it doesn’t accept to annihilate your style. Adapt your budget, accumulate your accouterment absorb focused deeply on affection that you’ll abrasion often, and assignment those rebates. Accomplish habits out of those practices and you’ll administer through this aggrandizement aeon as chichi as ever.

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