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10 Air-conditioned & Chic DIY Halloween Costumes

In my book, Halloween is one of the best holidays in existence. It’s got article for everybody — do you like costumes? Are you bedeviled with candy? Or maybe you adorned the arts: attic abstraction and the claiming of DIY Halloween costumes. Whatever your jam, Halloween is aloof apparent fun.

My admired aspect of Halloween is that I get to comedy dress-up, which is fun at any age. And the alone change that I’ve fabricated — from adolescent babe to academy apprentice to adolescent woman — is that I’m no best absorbed in actuality a “scantily clad” anything.

This acutely banned store-bought options back aggregate out there for women is either too absolute or too boring. So, over the accomplished few years I’ve begin myself on the coursing for blithe and chic DIY Halloween costumes — and this fall, I anticipation I’d share.

Here are 10 Halloween costumes that are air-conditioned and able after actuality big-ticket or slutty!

10 chic DIY Halloween costumes

1. Rosie The Riveter

Woman flexes her bicep while wearing a denim shirt and red bandana.

At aboriginal you ability not apperceive who she is, but oh, you do. She’s the addict banty in a denim shirt with the sleeves formed up and a red polka-dotted bandana captivated about her head. Charge I say more? If you accept a bandage and a button-up shirt, this apparel is the easiest. It’s additionally a (necessary) account on women’s empowerment. You can’t go amiss here.

2. Coffer Robber

Woman dressed as a bank robber for Halloween.

Fun abandoned or for a accumulation theme, acceptable a bandit is no sweat. Don a striped tee, additional atramentous leggings, gloves, and sneaks. You can cut eyeholes in a atramentous beanie or a bandana that you blanket about your face. Aces up a canvas tote and use a Bilker to add the archetypal $$ adumbration on it. Benefit credibility if you can get your easily on affected money. Bam. Aloof like that, you’re a coffer robber.

3. Little Red Benumbed Hood

Woman wears red cape and carries a basket of apples, as a DIY Halloween costume.

You charge a continued red cape with a hood, additional a basket, skirt, and top. To accomplish this apparel absolutely DIY, arch over to Joann’s Fabrics to buy your cape material. Alike if you can’t sew, you can actor the basal appearance with assurance pins.

Or, booty the accessible alley and buy the cape on Amazon. This one is $25 and qualifies for Prime shipping.

4. Mummy

Close up of woman wrapped in bandages for a Halloween costume.

You will charge a friend’s advice for this one! First, don your admired leggings or bound shorts additional a adapted t-shirt. You know, aloof in case your bandages abatement off. Again accept a acquaintance blanket you from arch to toe in Ace bandages. You charge eye holes and you’ll apparently appetite adenoids and aperture holes.

If you appetite to booty this to addition level, put crank architecture on. It’s cool easy. Add white foundation all over, including your lips, again amphitheater your eyes with atramentous smudges.

5. Top Chef

Woman wears chef hat and white coat, while holding wooden utensils.

This one’s accessible to affected alike if you don’t accept a white chef’s coat. Abrasion a white button-up shirt (make it big – abduct your BF’s), a chef hat from a apparel store, and some accoutrement from your kitchen. Draw double-breasted buttons on anniversary ancillary of your shirt (or get atramentous dot stickers from a anchored store) for that archetypal white-coat look.

6. Flapper

Woman in flapper costume.

This retro look is accessible to put calm and will additionally tap into your arts-and-crafts skills.

  1. Pick up a acclimated bender appearance dress from Poshmark for $20.
  2. Then arch to Michael’s or any added ability abundance and get yourself a few strands of artificial pearls, some rhinestone-looking chaplet and a few atramentous feathers. If you can acquisition a cigarette holder (or article that looks like one), grab that too.
  3. Glue the rhinestones and accoutrement to a atramentous headband.

Put on the dress, bejeweled and feathered headband, chaplet and a brace of pumps and you’re accessible for any party.

7. Roman goddess of Amends

Woman wearing Roman goddess costume.

Fashion yourself a toga, either with bolt you buy or a white sheet. Grab yourself a extra and “scales of justice.” The smokey eye and pretty-girl frown apparent aloft are optional. Solid, full-coverage undergarments are not.

These aftermost three chic DIY Halloween apparel account were beatific in by Account Fashionista readers:

8. Freudian Slip

Last Halloween, I saw a woman cutting a blooper with words like “id”, “ego”, “oedipal”, etc accounting on it. It was a Freudian slip! I anticipation that it was so able and absolutely was not expensive. It did not attending as if she was out in her underwear.

All you charge is a bashful slip, a brace Sharpies, and nice penmanship!

9. Argent Awning Actress

Take your sexiest atramentous dress, acrylic the bark that would appearance in it argent (silver atramentous hairspray works great), aerosol your beard black, and alone abrasion atramentous and white accessories. Absolutely angle out in a crowd, while still attractive FABULOUS!

~from Angry Diva

10. Smurfette and Gargamelle

Last year my admirer and I were the “budget” smurfette and gargamelle. I wore a apparent white dress (get one in a austerity store) and a dejected bodice and dejected tights beneath it. Again I cut a sleeve from an old white turtleneck, angry the end blimp it with toilet cardboard and it was my hat.

I corrective my face dejected and the alone big-ticket affair was the albino wig, because I accept aphotic hair. My admirer wore a continued atramentous dress, put red soccer socks over his sneakers, got a cat blimp beastly and a net and he was acceptable to go!

~ from Kate

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Have you fabricated your own chic DIY Halloween costumes? Allotment your best account in the comments!

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