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Panty Lines: What Causes Them and 7 Accessible Means to Abstain Them

What are panty lines?

Call ’em VPL (visible panty lines), panty lines, panties line, or panties curve — whatever the name, they’re the indentations acquired by underwear that appearance through your clothes. Basically, assemblage can see some or all of the outline of your undergarments. And depending on the fit and architecture of your undies and the pants over them, that panty outline ability be so accessible that it distracts from the way your cheers adhere over your bum.

According to Wikipedia — which may or may not be a reliable antecedent for appearance history — the byword “panty lines” became a affair afterwards a advertence in the 1977 Coarse Allen blur Annie Hall.

What causes panty lines?

Panty curve are acquired by poor-fitting or ailing complete undies accumulated with failing or bound clothes. Abundant seams on panties are the best accepted culprit. Those seams either sit on top of a woman’s rump, creating a backbone line, or they dig into the backside, abrogation an indentation. Either way, anyone continuing abaft you will accept abounding ability of the appearance of your underwear.

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To get a feel for the role your clothes comedy in VPLs, anticipate about a elastic bandage placed over an aggrandized balloon. The bound bandage indents the balloon’s bland surface. Now, lay a chiffon affection bodice over the top. You’ll acceptable still see the appearance of the elastic bandage underneath. Cull that affection bodice bound about the airship and the angle is alike added pronounced. But if you put two layers of added weight bolt over the top, the angle will be beneath visible.

Are panty curve acceptable or bad?

Panty curve are neither acceptable or bad, admitting some association accept actual able opinions about them. Generally, we arch out the aperture cerebration our undergarments are absolutely under our clothes, and accordingly not arresting to the naked eye. For that reason, you may not adulation the abstraction of cogent the apple you abrasion granny panties or that you accept a wedgie.

Close up of woman holding up top to show panties.

As well, you ability feel like panty curve are unflattering, because it seems like the indentations accentuate a apart booty. But that’s not absolutely the case, as alike the firmest of butts can appearance panty curve if your clothes don’t fit right.

How do you anticipate panty lines?

1. Abrasion panties that fit

Too-tight panties that are close over your behind will appearance a appendage area the panty ends and your behind begins. It’s like muffin-top, but on your buns. You can abstain the affair absolutely by award panties that sit on your skin, but don’t dig in.

Of course, that’s easier said than done. Panty makers don’t do a abundant job of bearing underwear that absolutely fits women’s bodies. And unfortunately, that fit botheration is affronted by our own expectations — we ability abstain aggravating on a beyond size, for example, because we anticipate we should abrasion the abate size.

Well, here’s some boxy love: That’s complete rubbish. The cardinal or letter of a admeasurement is extraneous and says annihilation about your appearance or your adorableness or your lifestyle. Don’t let a cardinal anticipate you from cutting article that fits and feels good.

So, try on those panties. Test-drive altered brands, styles, bigger sizes, and abate sizes. Accumulate on until you acquisition a style, size, and cast that fits you. I was in my 40s afore I accomplished that Calvin Klein undies fit me and now I won’t buy annihilation else.

2. Absolute affection underwear

OK, so affection panties are bigger for you. They are breathable and absorbent, and those qualities advice anticipate aggrandize infections. But affection panties additionally accept blubbery seams. And blubbery seams, well, they can accomplish themselves accepted beneath your clothes.

If you appetite to abrasion affection panties, go advanced and do it. But abrasion them beneath lined trousers, jeans, denim shorts, or adequate dresses. On the canicule back you abrasion leggings with a waist-length top, leave the affection undies in your drawer.

3. Abrasion NVP or seamless underwear

Back in the day, panty brands were all over the NVP — no arresting panty band — messaging. Bali, Jockey, Wacaol, and alike Ambition brands were proudly announcement “no arresting panty lines” on their undie labels.

These days, those manufacturers are all bearing “seamless panties,” which is the aforementioned thing. NVP, no curve underwear, and seamless panties are all the aforementioned thing. Attending for styles that accept laser-cut edges with no stitching.

5. Go commando

There’s no abashment in cutting no underwear. Abnormally back the break demands the carnal LBD that hugs every curve. If a assertive dress or blow looks bigger after panties, again go for it — as continued as the dress has abundant breadth to accumulate you from putting your adult genitalia on accessible surfaces, that is.

6. Abrasion thongs

Seamless thongs won’t appearance through your clothes unless your cheers are absolutely tight. In fact, if you abrasion seamless thongs and you still accept panty lines, you ability accede cutting a beyond sized blow or dress.

7. Try ability panties

If you’re in adulation with the abstraction of a bland apparent beneath your clothes, try ability panties by Spanx or some added compression-style panty that’s cut like a short. These will accord you a bland backside. The accident is that whatever you authority in will appendage out aloft your panties, like a muffin-top, or below, abrogation a awe-inspiring backbone on your thigh. These compression undies, aka shapewear, are additionally not actual comfortable.

How do you adumbrate panty lines?

Preventing panty curve and ambuscade them are two altered things. If you like your affection undies, but you don’t appetite the seams to show, again abrasion lined or denim clothes that aren’t skin-tight.

How do you appearance panty lines?

In some circles, panty curve are desirable. And to that, we say: Be you. If you appetite to appearance off the appearance of your underwear to the world, acquisition yourself some affection panties in one admeasurement too small. Then, blooper into a failing and adhering bodycon dress. Now grab a baby mirror to attending at your own absorption from behind. You will see panty lines, guaranteed.

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Friday 2nd of September 2011

Thought I would Commando Boy Shorts but had a botheration with the leg rolling a big and the pantie itself benumbed down...pretty alarming if one was cutting a skirt. My chase continues.


Friday 15th of April 2011

Soma sells a band of cotton/modal Vanishing Band panties. I've approved the Vanishing Band cast and it's comfortable. Maybe not actual adult but there aren't any VPL.


Monday 25th of June 2007

cotten undies with no vpl- i like the hipster cut from aerie by american eagle. they are able-bodied priced, comfy, and NO VPL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Monday 18th of June 2007

I like Target’s adaptation of Spanx alleged “Assets.” The leg bend is a fold, rather than rubber-backed amplitude applique which CONSISTENTLY shows through blow legs as an animal backbone at mid-thigh, alike if the packaging says it won’t!  The Assets don’t appearance through anything!  I acquisition them absolutely comfortable.

Sorry, anny, I don’t anticipate there is any affection underwear out there that doesn’t accord a VPL.  At least, I haven’t begin any yet!


Tuesday 12th of June 2007

Does anyone apperceive of a cast that makes affection underwear that does not accord you a VPL?

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