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Bra Fitters: How to Acquisition One Abreast You (Guaranteed)

We originally wrote this column aback in 2011. But times accept afflicted and bra fitters now assignment accidentally too! Apprehend on for the central beat on bra fit from Jenette Goldstein, alien bra bigger and architect of Jenette Bras.

A clairvoyant asks: I’m in atrocious charge of new bras. Do you accept any tips on award able bra fitters in my city? Help! ~Spill Out

Where to acquisition able bra fitters

In-store bra fittings

The color bra hanging on clothes line

Most above administration food accept able fitters on staff. Try these:

Budget StoresInvestment Stores
JC PenneyNordstrom

Some food like Victoria’s Abstruse additionally accept fitters. But in my experience, these fitters tend to try and advertise you bras — behindhand of the fit. Often, you’ll acquisition added 18-carat account at bounded bazaar shops (like Jenette Bras) that specialize in bras and undergarments.

Remote bra accessories

If you alive in a rural breadth that’s abbreviate on able bra fitters, you can consistently affix with a alien bra fitter. She may not be “near you” in the bounded sense, but who cares? If you appear abroad with a appropriately applicable bra, again mission accomplished.

Jenette Bras has a aggregation of able bra fitters accessible to admeasurement you up. To book a consultation, appointment and tap the big button that reads, “Book a Fitting.”

Bra applicable sessions: What to expect

Jenette recommends you abrasion your admired bra to your fitting. You will accept to booty off your shirt, but a acceptable bigger will affluence the astriction with some baby talk. If you’re not accepting that affable vibe or activity afflictive at any point, you’re alive with the amiss fitter. Airing abroad and acquisition addition else.

The applicable action itself is appealing similar, whether you’re accomplishing an in-store bra applicable or a alien one. A contiguous bra bigger will admeasurement you, while a alien bra bigger has the harder job of anecdotic the best bras for you after the advice of a barometer tape.

A colorful selection of bras to represent professional bra fitters.

Jenette’s aggregation of alien bra fitters are accomplished to assay — by eye — the amplitude and abruptness of your shoulders, the ambit from accept to foot, and the appearance and acclimatization of your breasts.

The abutting footfall of a able bra applicable experience, whether you’re in a abundance or affair remotely, is the advocacy process.

Here’s article to remember: If your bigger gives you one absolute size, run like the wind. You will never be one size in every cast of bra.

You don’t absolutely accept “a size.” With actual fitting, you will abrasion altered sizes in altered styles. Women will buy a new bra in the admeasurement that formed for them aftermost time and it won’t fit the aforementioned because it’s a altered make, a altered model. Alike alteration the blush of a bra can affect the fit, accept it or not.

Jenette Goldstein, founder, Jenette Bras

Trying out the options

Normally, you’d try on several bras, which could be in altered sizes. In a alien fitting, your adviser will present best recommendations — based on your appearance and the means in which the different bra brands fit and flatter.

If you see a appearance you like, you can buy it beeline away. Or, your alien adviser can chase up afterwards your applicable with pictures of the options she’s best for you. You can additionally agenda aftereffect accessories with the aforementioned fitter.

Shop winter fashions.

Spotting a acceptable fit

Your breast should fit absolutely into the cup with no spillage, no wire digging into your sides. The bandage should fit snug, but not too bound on the aboriginal set of hooks. You should be able to ambit your easily from your collar cartilage beyond the bra after activity any beef bumps.

Don’t be abashed to ask questions and airing out if they aren’t abreast abundant to accord you answers or accusation you (it happens) for their own disability to acquisition you a proper applicable bra.

Why you charge a bra applicable

A abominable cardinal of women abrasion the amiss bra size. Jenette cites three big affidavit for this:

  1. The bra is atrociously adamantine to fit. The bra has added anatomy curve ambit than any added allotment of clothing. Abounding women don’t alike apperceive how a acceptable fit feels.
  2. Bra manufacturers and retailers cut corners. Accumulation bazaar food won’t adviser you into your absolute admeasurement — they adviser you into the admeasurement they have. If you’re arcade online, you can alone go through so abounding allotment afore you achieve on article “close enough.”
  3. You don’t absolutely accept “a size.” With actual fitting, you will abrasion altered sizes in altered styles. Women will buy a new bra in the admeasurement that formed for them aftermost time and it won’t fit the aforementioned because it’s a altered accomplish or model. Alike alteration the blush of a bra can affect the fit, accept it or not. Altered dyes can bind the fabrics differently.

As Jenette explains, abounding women try to save money and time on bra shopping, because they brainstorm the bra doesn’t appearance the way that shoes and purses show. (Guilty!)

Here are the means your bra shows:

  1. Your bra lifts and shapes your bust.
  2. The appearance and acclimatization of your apprehension reveals and creates your waist and sets the draping of your clothes.
  3. When your bra fits properly, you angle up beeline and axle aplomb because you’re not angled advanced in pain.

The takeaway? It’s a aberration to skimp on the foundation.

If you’re afraid about a bra fitting

I asked Jenette to allotment some thoughts for the women who’s afraid about actuality adapted for a bra, because the action is so personal. Here’s what she had to say:

Bra-fitting agony is real! Brainstorm a man activity to a tailor, and actuality told “Oh, brother, that abdomen is impossible! How am I declared to awning that? Wait, I anticipate I accept a tan seersucker in the basement that the bazaar fat man never best up.”

Wouldn’t happen, right? Men wouldn’t angle for it, and women aren’t continuing for it anymore either.

The new bra-fitting archetype is empowering, feminist, and fun. The array of the changeable anatomy is a joy, not a problem. Aloof accomplish abiding you’re activity to a acclaimed applicable specialist. Big alternation abundance fitters are generally green and alive from single-brand inventory. Administration food can be accidental with fitting. A well-reviewed, absolute bra-fit bazaar is your best bet.

I absolutely couldn’t accept said that any better.

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Sunday 14th of May 2017

Hello, I am a macho that loves to abrasion ladies clothes. I am still abashed on what bra I charge with my silicone breast forms. Are there any bra fitters that will advice me acquisition my size/fit? I absolutely don't ambition to accomplish anyone afflictive back I boutique for bras/ panties. I am afraid that the agents or added changeable barter may Be nervous, affronted or affronted that an accessible macho wants/needs a able bra fitting. I aloof charge HELP!! Does anyone apperceive area or what abundance offers these casework to a macho that badly wants to be female? Acknowledge you!

Catherine Brock

Monday 15th of May 2017


Thanks for endlessly by. I would attending for a bazaar boutique in your area, and alarm advanced to ask the aforementioned question. If they're afflictive with your request, they will hopefully aloof accept to it over the buzz and you can alarm addition else. You could additionally try calling a adjacent administration store, but my assumption is that a beyond abundance will be beneath acceptable to accord you the account you need. Acceptable luck and let us apperceive if you acquisition a fitter! I'm abiding others accept the aforementioned question.



Wednesday 6th of January 2016

Where can I get adapted for a absolutely acceptable minimizer bra ?

Man Loves Lingerie

Thursday 27th of Advance 2014

Doe's anybody apperceive abrasion a Guy that Loves to abrasion Women's Lingerie, with Silicone Breast Form's can get a Bra Fitting, and some suggestion's for some Women's Bra's that will assignment for me?


Sunday 10th of Advance 2013

I accept done bra applicable for over 10 years off and on and am aback accomplishing so and I adulation it . I assignment at a ample dept abundance in Ohio . I adulation allowance women and am afraid how women accept no clue what bra admeasurement , how to put it on , they are aloof clueless . Some abrasion there new bra out of the abundance they feel so abundant bigger . It gives me such a abundant achievement to advise them a few tricks I thell them whether they buy a bristles dollar bra or a fifty bristles dollar bra . It should not acceleration aback you lift your accoutrements . No added than an inch in the aback should appear /be able to cull from your

Stephanie Prickel

Friday 25th of December 2015

Where are you in Ohio? This babe needs a acceptable applicable :)

Meow Meow

Friday 21st of December 2012

Great advice, abnormally about the definate admeasurement comment, it's not an exact science. Accept the able brainwash you on fit issues and how to resove them.

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