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How to Abrasion Leggings as Pants Afterwards 50

For the aftermost decade, leggings as pants accept gone from “absolutely not” to a way of life. We apperceive that teenagers and alike adolescent adults can cull off cutting leggings as pants, but what about women over 50? The acknowledgment is, of course! Actuality are a few account to get you started.

1. Leggings Beneath an Absurd Tunic

This ablaze and blithe absurd tunic is absolute for assignment or a night out with the girls. We adulation that with an accouterments like this one, you are assuming off some leg after abrogation your basal out in the open, to bulwark for itself.

2. Leggings Beneath a Poncho

Anyone can abrasion a poncho! Back best styles are continued abundant to awning the hips, the capote makes a absolute accompaniment for your leggings. Addition additional is that ponchos can assignment as “outfit stretchers” — these are the pieces that amalgamate with your allegiant basics to actualize a complete and put-together look.

This capote from Evine offers a attractive v-neck cut with sleeves that dive bottomward for a comfy, yet adult flare.

3. Leggings with a Skirt

Choose a brim as an added band for dressier occasions, or back you’re acting about cutting leggings as pants. This piece, a “skirted legging,” has the brim built-in, but you can actualize your own skirted attending with separates too. Attending for skirts with a stretchier bolt that’s about the aforementioned weight as your leggings.

Another additional to this combo: it’s a bourgeois way to abrasion a abbreviate brim at any age!

Choosing Shoes

Leggings can assignment with about any blazon of shoe — sneakers, pumps, sandals, boots and booties are all options:

  • Use a nice sneaker (vs. your beat-up cross-trainers) on accidental canicule to let bodies apperceive you’re not on your way to the gym.
  • Add delicacy to your leggings ensemble with a sandal, collapsed or heeled.
  • Sleek open-toe booties and pumps are for your dressier, added adult outfits.
  • Save the bulky boots for edgier days. If you tend to anguish about your anxiety attractive big, skip the boots entirely.
  • A alpine cossack with leggings keeps you balmy and helps you feel beneath apparent in those bound pants.

Dos and Don’ts of Leggings as Pants

Do awning your tush.

Lindsay Lohan wearing leggings

Depending on your tastes, you ability alarm what Lindsay is cutting either a shirt or a dress. Whatever the case may be, it’s important to agenda area her shirt/dress avalanche in affiliation to her leggings. Her top additionally covers her bottom, which is an capital aphorism for cutting leggings as pants. You’re welcome.

Do get the fit right.

Beyonce wearing leggings

Beyonce’s got the appropriate idea. Although her blazer and top do not awning her mid section, her leggings are not so bound that you can see every banner over her body. Instead, they are cone-shaped accurately from the achievement down.

Although leggings should fit tight, you should be able to compression the actual off your bark as you are cutting them. If you cannot, again your leggings are too tight.

Don’t abrasion see-through.

Kim Kardashian wearing leggings

Kim Kardashian doesn’t accept the acceptable attending this time around. The spandex actual is adhering her curves a little too light, and to top it off, they’re see-through. If you’re activity to abrasion your leggings as pants, accomplish abiding they are opaque.

Don’t appearance biscuit toe.

Mariah Carey wearing leggings

Mariah Carey’s leggings fit well, except for the bound allotment in the front. The best way to abstain biscuit toe is (again) to analysis the binding of those pants.

You ability additionally advance in an underwear admit like the Cuchini that was created to beard biscuit toe — so accessible mishaps like this one won’t happen.

If you’d like to see added on bathrobe over 50, try these:

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