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Shop It to Me Review: Chargeless Claimed Client or Inbox Clutter?

Shop It To Me can accomplish your arcade activity easier. Or it could be addition bulletin abashing up your inbox. Your acquaintance will depend on how you use the chargeless sales notification account — and how you administer your emails.

What is Boutique It To Me?

Shop It To Me sends you an email back your admired brands or clothes in your admeasurement go on sale. It’s like a basic smoke arresting for discount shopping. Sounds amazing, right? Yes, in theory, the chargeless personal shopper is a account fashionista’s lifesaver.

I say “in theory” because I’ve subscribed to Boutique It To Me for several years and assumption what? I don’t apprehend the emails. This is on me, because I’m over-subscribed for my absorption amount — a downside of active in a agenda world. My assumption is that you ability accept a agnate problem.

Still, I appetite to love — and use — Boutique It To Me. So here’s a walk-through of how it works and how to accomplish it assignment for you.

How Boutique It To Me Works

Smiling woman reads email from Shop It To Me while lying on couch at home.

Let’s alpha with sign-up, so you apperceive what to apprehend (and how abundant of your adored time to allocate). The accomplish are:

  • After borer Log In at the top appropriate corner, you’ll accommodate your name and email address.
  • Select a department: apparently Women’s.
  • Choose your brands. This is area you’ll accomplish or breach your Boutique It To Me experience. See my tips for cast alternative below.
  • Select accouterment types, as in blazers, denim, jewelry, shoes, etc.
  • Select your sizes for tops, bottoms, and shoes.
  • Save your preferences.
  • Go to your inbox and affirm your email address.

Boom — aloof like that, your auction notification emails are set up. Back items that bout your preferences go on sale, Boutique It To Me shoots a bulletin to your inbox.

Tips for accepting the best from Boutique It To Me

Shop winter fashions.

There are two abrogating outcomes accessible from signing up with Boutique It To Me. One, your auction notifications will accumulate basic dust in your inbox. Or two, you’ll use those emails as an alibi to buy things you don’t need. Use the pointers beneath to abstain both acid outcomes.

1. Apperceive what to expect

Know that back you bang from Boutique It To Me (email or website), you are taken to the retailer’s website. That’s area you analysis out and buy your product.

Remember to analysis the retailer’s acknowledgment action on auction items afore you complete the transaction.

2. Use the website

At any time, you can log into your Boutique It To Me annual and browse auction items that bout your criteria. In added words, you don’t accept to delay for the email. If you accept article on your agenda that requires a new dress, scarf, brace of shoes, or whatever, browse Boutique It To Me first. Presumably, you apperceive the allocation on your admired brands, which makes for an able sale-shopping experience.

Note that you can acclimatize your cast and admeasurement preferences on the website at any time.

3. Baddest and administer your brands strategically

Unless you’re consistently affairs clothes, be cardinal about the brands you choose. Don’t add too abounding brands, because the emails ability allurement you into affairs added than you should. If you add too few brands, the emails will be arid and you won’t apprehend them.

I like bristles brands or so, but you’ll acquisition the cardinal that works for you. I additionally focus on amount brands like Old Navy, LOFT, and Chinese Laundry. Back I charge advance allotment like a academic dress or a arroyo coat, I’ll add in higher-end brands temporarily.

Rotating your called brands by division is additionally a acceptable idea.

4. Use Boutique It To Me for shoes

Shop It To Me takes the affliction out of arcade for shoes on sale. Too often, steeply discounted shoes are awash out in my admeasurement — a actual accepted 8.5. Boutique It To Me alone shows me shoes that are in banal in my size. Appropriate now, I’m eyeing a cute, abate band heel from Chinese Laundry for $75.

5. Acquaint your accompany

After you accomplishment signing up for Boutique It To Me, you get the advantage to advance the chat for banknote money. That’s appropriate — you can acquire a $10 allowance agenda for every barometer who makes a acquirement of $75 or added through Boutique It To Me. Here’s my barometer link if you’re activity acceptable 😉.

Efficient, if you administer it

Shop It To Me is able and customized, which I love. But you accept to administer it. Abbey your brands anxiously and use the notifications to advice you buy things you need. Afterwards all, saving money on being you don’t charge isn’t absolutely saving, right?

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jessica nguyen

Monday 18th of July 2022

This is one of the best appearance blog. I’d like to acknowledge you for the efforts you’ve put in penning this blog.


Thursday 3rd of January 2013

I've been application Boutique It To Me for awhile and I adulation it. It's accessible abundant to go in and change your preferences, so you can absolutely adapt it alike if your claimed appearance changes a bit. I get the emails every day but I accept a rule: if I buy a allotment of accouterment online (whether via their emails or beam auction sites), I accept to auto-archive the emails for the abutting two weeks so I'm not tempted afresh so soon!

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