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How To: Shorts for Women Over 50

Warm acclimate doesn’t stop because you’re over 50. We apperceive shorts can be a arduous buy, though, because every abundance seems to backpack alone two options. You accept the short-short, advised carefully for boyish legs. And again there’s  the continued and abnormal short, advised for — well, that’s a abstruseness actually, because they’re universally aspersing and scream “old lady” from a mile away.

So, yes, award that average arena appearance for your over-50 cocky takes some work. This summer, we’ve laid the background for you. These bristles styles, all beneath $50, are abiding to amuse your faculty of appearance and your wallet.

5 Shorts for Women Over 50

Not Too Long

Mid-length shorts in navy from Macy's
Charter Club Bolt Shorts, $29.99, Macy’s

Length is a accepted affair for the over-50 fashionista. Too abbreviate aloof seems amiss and too continued leaves your legs attractive like timberline trunks. Attending for mid-length shorts that accept a straighter leg and collapsed front. (Pleats in the advanced can breaker out and accord the actualization of array in your midsection.)

This brace has a 7-inch inseam and a advanced attachment closure, additional two pockets anniversary in the advanced and back. The best breadth can elongate your legs if you abrasion them with nude sandals.

Not Too Short

If you’re adequate with a hardly beneath length, try a 5-inch inseam. These will abatement about mid-thigh, which is the appropriate breadth to appearance off your fit legs. A adequate blouse tucked in and a belt, would brace accurately with these shorts. The belt and bouncing blouse can actualize a nice feminine appearance on your high anatomy too.

At $12-18, these shorts can be your summer go-to. They’re accessible in sizes 0-20 and in six altered colors.

No Chafing

It’s an adverse absoluteness that earlier bark is added sensitive. One way to administer that is by befitting your bark sweat-free and allotment clothes that assure you from chafing. These shorts get both jobs done, acknowledgment to a 5-inch inseam and moisture-wicking capabilities. The inseam should assure the high allotment of your thighs from abrading together, and the damp wicking fibers will barrel abroad any diaphoresis afore it wreaks calamity on your skin.

Wear these Nike shorts on your accidental canicule with Keds, no-show socks, a tech T and zip-front hoodie. If that accouterments sounds too young, who cares? Grab a affectation and big sunglasses, and leave those worries at home.

With a Belt

Aqua mid-length shorts for women over 50
Women’s Gloria Vanderbilt Yvonne Bolt Shorts, $19.99, Kohl’s

These affection shorts accept the Gloria Vanderbilt signature fit: adaptable and adulatory for all anatomy types. Here, a 6-inch inseam provides acceptable advantage commutual with a close fit. The belt comes with the shorts, so all you accept to do is add a adapted white bodice and flats.


Striped linen shorts, mid-length
Women’s Amplitude Linen Shorts, $44.99, LandsEnd

Linen is accept a moment this this division and who can accuse about that? It’s failing and accomplished for warmer weather. This brace in accurate stretches at the waist, so you’ll be as adequate as you are stylish. The adulatory vertical stripes may be the better affairs point though.

Wear these shorts with a dejected brace of collapsed sandals or sneakers.

Have you apparent the over-50 shorts dilemma? Let us apperceive how in the comments!

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