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Stacked Bracelets: How To Abrasion ‘Em

Thanks to Soothi for partnering with me and accouterment the bracelets for this post.

If you appetite to go adventurous with your ample bracelets, abatement is the absolute division to do it. On super-hot days, a assemblage of bracelets aloof isn’t comfortable. And on algid days, you absorb bisected your day disturbing to get your coat on and off over your arm jewelry. Ah but the fall…cool breezes, ablaze fabrics and three-quarter sleeves actualize a absolute accomplishments for stacking. 

Here’s your afflatus to skip the statement necklace and go for a account armlet stack instead.

Two Accomplish for Stellar Stacked Bracelets

Bracelet stacking is a artistic endeavor — it’s about an ‘anything goes’ situation, area you’re alone bound by how adventurous you feel that day. The alone absolute accident for a armlet assemblage is accepting too abounding brilliant pieces at one time. And frankly, this accident increases for earlier women.

sThe same big, blatant assemblage of bracelets ability attending hip on a 20-something and gaudy on a 40-something (you can disagree with me on this in the comments — but apperceive that I’m in the 40-something category so I anticipate I’m being realistic actuality and not judgy).

  1. So here’s the abode to start: aces the allotment that’ll be the brilliant and again body about it.
  2. Next, accede the actual of your bracelet(s), which can advice you decide how to assemblage them and what apparel will work able-bodied with them.

Wooden Beaded Armlet Stacks

Wooden chaplet accept an organic, bohemian flair. They go actual able-bodied with accidental apparel of denim, covering and cotton. Anticipate apart bodice and denim anorak with sleeves formed up, crop pants and lace-up covering sandals. You can brace connected board chaplet with a multicolored bean bean bracelet. Or, try a few metal bangles as bookends on either ancillary of your beads.

mannequin wearing beaded stacked bracelets
These coiled beaded bracelets from Soothi anniversary accomplish their own stack, but you can additionally brace them calm for added impact.

Note that your armlet assemblage will be beneath acknowledged if you bout up board chaplet with article added formal, like gemstones or a tennis bracelet.

Stone Beaded Bracelet

Stone chaplet are a tad dressier than their board counterparts. I like to brace a few bracelets that are the aforementioned blush (or abutting to it) with one brighter option. You can additionally try a few bean beaded bracelets in agnate colors with a argent wristwatch or belt bracelet.

Metal Bangles

Bangles are advantageous and serve able-bodied as the acknowledging casting for any armlet stack. Choose altered finishes and widths for variation, rather than cutting 20 of the aforementioned piece. And bethink to do a complete check! Bangles can be loud, and you apparently don’t want to complete like a cat with a alarm on its collar!

Chain Bracelets

For a chic and feminine look, try bond two to four chain bracelets for assignment or alike dressier occasions. A carnal set of chains is added aqueous than coils of chaplet and bangles, and can afford a high-style vibe. You can also showcase one allotment that has blush or a altered actual — generally the allotment will be added absorbing back it’s amidst by simpler jewelry.

silver chain bracelet with geometric wood pattern
This argent alternation armlet from Soothi with board geometric arrangement is airy and feminine.
mannequin wearing stacked bracelets
Pairing that aforementioned airy armlet with a thicker argent bandage highlights that geo allotment alike more.

One aftermost advantage — for the low aliment fashionista — is to accumulate a few coiled bracelets handy. Go this avenue and you get the ample attending after accepting to decay any academician ability on pairing. I like this advantage on sluggish Monday mornings.

dark wood beaded bracelet
white and blue beaded bracelet

How do you abrasion your ample bracelets? Let us apperceive below!

Note: I capital to affection Soothi actuality because I like their cast ethics (and of advance the bracelets are so pretty). Soothi makes its adornment from accustomed and recycled materials, donates profits to Advice Animals India to save puppies (who doesn’t adulation extenuative puppies?) and provides assignment for blank women. You can apprentice added and boutique at

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Tuesday 20th of September 2016

I adulation some arm bonbon in the balmy months, but additionally ample over sweaters.

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