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5 Types of Panties and How to Abrasion Them

Ladies, your panties may be ruining your style. They’re alleged foundation apparel for a reason, afterwards all — the types of panties you accept can enhance your accouterments or backbite from it.

And that’s not alone accompanying to fit. Sure, astringent panty curve can absolute all eyes to your bum. But abundance is as important. Accept you anytime slipped into a thong alone to apprehend after that you’d rather appearance your VPLs on TV than survive addition minute cutting those undies? Yeah. Cutting the amiss panties can be as bad as dancing the night abroad in shoes that don’t fit. You get home with rubs and abrasions in all the amiss places.

To advice additional you from that fate, here’s a account of bristles types of panties — and how you should abrasion anniversary one.

A multiethnic group of five women wearing different types of panties.

1. Seamless hipster panties

These panties sit aloof on your hips, a bit beneath your waistline. The bolt that wraps about your achievement — aka ancillary wings — abutting the advanced of the panty to the back, is commonly a few inches alpine (vs. a bikini panty that has attenuated ancillary wings).

The hipster is beneath “cheeky” than added styles — acceptation they awning added of your bum. This is because the leg holes are low-cut and the hipster about sits lower on your waist.

Close-up of woman wearing white hipster panties.

Despite the bourgeois cut, hipster panties are amid the best comfortable. A seamless underwear architecture (like these by EBY) will additionally be the best able foundation allotment in your toolkit. You can abrasion seamless hipsters for dancing, nightwear, or leisure, beneath low-rise bottoms, arduous dresses, trousers, or adapted leggings. I alike abrasion them beneath my equestrian breeches back benumbed my horse.

2. Bold panties

Cheeky panties action a admirable alloy of comfort, function, and adult style. The appropriate brace of bold underwear (check these) ensures a bland accomplishment beneath skin-tight clothing. In agreement of shape, the bold panty is part-thong and part-hipster. They’re commonly low-rise at the waist but college cut beyond your bum than a bikini.

It is a misconception, too, that you charge a rock-solid behind to abrasion a bold panty. This appearance is a absolutely absolutely adulatory on a array of anatomy shapes — you aloof accept to do the assignment to acquisition a cast that fits you properly. See our blog column on cheeky swimwear for some tips, back the aforementioned concepts administer to your panties.

The appropriate brace of bold panties shouldn’t agglomeration or cycle beneath your clothes. You can buy cheekies in seamless styles (my preference) or styles with added waistbands for your alive days.

3. Cord bikini

String bikini panties accept actual attenuated ancillary wings — strings, absolutely — and article beneath than abounding advantage on your backside. They’re generally low-raise at the waist, too.

The cord bikini, like the boy short, can be adamantine to wear. The cord can calmly dig into your abandon or, worse, accelerate down, causing the bolt to agglomeration on your backside.

I *think* the point of a cord bikini is to be sexier and added automated than a accepted bikini panty, but this is a chancy accommodation accustomed that it adds some fit challenges. If you acquisition a cast of cord bikinis that fit you, great. You can abrasion them beneath jeans, shorts, dresses, skirts — annihilation that’s not bark tight. Otherwise, try bringing adult aback with a bold panty instead.

4. Boy shorts

Boy shorts are aggressive by men’s boxer briefs. Back they fit well, they can be abundantly adequate and functional. The claiming is that they fit some shapes bigger than others. On me, boy shorts tend to dig into my behind with the waistband. It’s like I accept added added at the top of my bum than the designers accounted for.

Smiling woman wearing boy short panties.

But then, I see added women (granted in staged photoshoots mostly) who attending amazing in boy shorts. You ability be one of those women. If so, you’ll adulation the boy abbreviate appearance beneath dresses and skirts, abnormally the abbreviate ones. You can additionally abrasion boy shorts beneath your alive wear. If they fit right, they won’t accelerate up and grab you in your acute areas.

If you acquisition boy abbreviate panties are creating arresting panty lines, see this column on ways to get rid of them.

5. Thong

You are apparently accustomed with the appearance of the thong. The leg seams adumbrate amid your cheeks rather than addition over or beneath your bum. As a result, you commonly see no panty lines, alike with bound clothes. (I say “normally” because a cool adhering brace of leggings will appearance the apple you’re cutting a thong. But with that blazon of pant, the alone advantage is to abrasion no undies at all.)

Thongs are an acquired taste. You either adulation them and acquisition them to actual comfortable, or they drive you batty. If you’re committed to no panty curve but not absolutely acclimated to cutting thongs, advance in a distinct brace and abrasion them a few times to see how they feel. You ability end up actuality a convert.

The appropriate foundation

When arcade for panties, pay absorption to the material, construction, and bond weight as able-bodied as the cut. Also, stick with the brands you apperceive and trust. If the bikini from your admired cast fits you perfectly, for example, stick with the aforementioned cast back you annex out into new cuts like a bold or thong.

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